Tim Stidston.
Young at heart.
Full of life.

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When I Retire

Any time I find out about something awesome that I don’t have time to investigate at the time I put it on my ‘when I’m retired list’. That list has got to be huge for most kids born time period.  So many unplayed video games, so many unseen places, so many unfulfilled hobbies.

I really don’t care about politics one bit.

I just care about human rights, animal rights, the economy, taxation and government spending.

First round NCAA Bracket.

First round NCAA Bracket.

I’ve read better foreign policy on the back of a public bathroom door than I’ve seen Tony Abbott produce in 20 years.

Kentucky Kids

Kentucky Kids

I used to be a kid with a dream,
Now I’m an adult with a steady well paying career.

Problem is, I think I prefer how it used to be.

You get me, Dennis.

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